Types Of Cleanings

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

House Cleaning

A-1 Quality Cleaning Service generally provides two types of residential cleaning services;

Deep Cleanings and Recurring Cleanings.

Recurring Cleanings

These are primarily for our steady customers. Each month, we provide hundreds of maintenance cleanings to clients in the Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, and other Indy areas. These customers want to be on our schedule recurring and usually are long-term clients. You pick a day of the week and the frequency such as; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. All appointments include a reminder message via email and/or text two days before the appointment. Also, at around 5:30 pm on the night of your appointment, you will receive a quick quality check message (email and/or text). One-click is all that is necessary, but feedback comments are always useful.

Deep Clean

There are several types of "Deep Cleans". Deep cleanings are typically done as the first cleaning for a recurring customer (this gets the house "maintenance ready") and are commonly called the "initial cleaning". This cleaning type may also be referred to as a Spring Cleaning, a move-in cleaning, a move-out cleaning, or simply a one-time cleaning. These cleanings differ in the scope of work depending upon the client’s request. Deep cleanings may or may not include the following; windows, oven, fridge, inside cabinets, etc. These, as with Maintenance cleanings, are customized. 

Cleaning Frequency

We provide a variety of recurring customized cleanings including:

  • Daily House Cleaning
  • Weekly House Cleaning
  • Bi-weekly House Cleaning
  • Tri-weekly House Cleaning
  • Monthly House Cleaning
  • Quarterly House Cleaning
  • One-time jobs
  • Move-In Cleanings
  • Move-Out Cleanings
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Initial Cleanings
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • B & B (Bed & Bath) Maintenance Cleaning

Recurring Cleanings

Our recurring maintenance cleanings are for customers that want to reserve time on our schedule ongoing for an indefinite amount of time. We have hundreds of these types of customers. We set up a recurring day and time to provide the service that they specify. Click to see a list of services usually provided for recurring services. These can easily be modified and customized at the clients’ request.

One-Time Cleaning

Move-In Cleanings are normally done on empty homes (unfurnished prior to moving in). These are particularly intense as they require a very high level of detail. On most cleanings, we are not asked to clean inside appliances or inside drawers and cabinets. But when moving into a new home, you want to be confident that those areas (where you might store your toothbrush or kitchen utensils, etc.) have been cleaned and disinfected. So, these areas are some of the most important to focus on for a move-in cleaning. Other items may include; appliances, windows, blinds, etc.

Move-Out Cleanings are usually less intense as people generally want to leave the house in a "respectable" condition and are not necessarily interested in window cleaning, appliances, etc.