How Does This Work?
It is our practice to clearly identify what your expectations are. If we understand what is expected and what is most important then we can easily reach our goal of complete customer satisfaction. Many companies provide a high level of service initially and then slack off. Our motto is "Quality Cleaning Ever Time". We are consistent and live up to our name. We earn your business week after week and month after month. The key to our success is effective communication and we give all our customers the opportunity to evaluate us regularly in the form of an online quality check survey. This guarantees open communication and really keep us connected with you and how you feel about our service.  In addition our cleaning techs earn bonuses based on their survey scores.

How do I pay for the service?
Payment is expected at time of service. Most customers pay either by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Credit card payments are through our online tool and takes 2 clicks. Checks should be left out on the kitchen counter. Cash is also a acceptable and desired form of payment. All one-time and first-time jobs require a credit card to be on file.

What Other Services Do You Provide?
Almost any in-home cleaning type service (i.e. windows, fridge, oven, etc.)  A-1 Quality Cleaning Service also has relations with contractors in many fields including carpet cleaning, home renovations and repairs etc.

Can We Skip Cleaning Sessions?

People have busy lives and we want to accommodate you and add convenience to your life. If you plan a vacation or take time off or just want to skip a scheduled cleaning, we ask for "reasonable" prior notice. We prefer as much advance notice as possible but, we expect a minimum of 48 hour notice for any cancellation otherwise, you may be asked to pay 50% of cleaning the rate. Unexpected emergencies and illness are acceptable reasons for late cancels and wouldn’t be charged.

What Happens If Something is Damaged?
We are completely respectful of your home and possessions however, if something were to be damaged by one of our cleaning professionals, we will make every effort to repair or if necessary, replace the item. We carry $2,000,000 in liability insurance and are bonded for $10,000.

Who Will Clean My Home?
Depending on the area, size of your home and other factors we assign one Cleaning Technician to each client home. This means as much as possible you will see the same person each time. You can expect consistency in our level of service and we believe there is also a lot of value in the relationship. In the event your assigned Cleaning Tech (CT) is absent from work we will assign someone else in their place unless you otherwise request only your assigned CT clean your home. All our CTs are thoroughly vetted and undergo the same training and generally exhibit equal level skills. We take holding respect for your home and your privacy very serious.

What Are Your Hours?

Our residential cleaning clients normally prefer weekday cleanings from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. However, we are on jobs 7 days per week. We also provide commercial and office cleaning services which normally requires 2nd, 3rd shift work and weekends.

Who Provides Cleaning Supplies?

A-1 Quality Cleaning Service provides all necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. However, certain surfaces require some specific cleaning products and we will use any product that you request and are willing to supply. Be sure to inform us of any special product that needs to be used on any specific surface. In addition, we will (GO GREEN) use organic cleaning products at the customer request.  For residential we do recommend using client’s vacuum cleaners. Our vacuums are just as sanitary as our competition but what the competition doesn’t tell you is that communal vacs are not sanitary (and just plain icky). Consider this if you don’t have cats when our competitors leave your house you now have cat dander and many other strange agents in your home. It’s unsanitary. We all build up antibodies to the “stuff” (germs) in our own homes and can be very sensitive to other people’s “stuff”. We can, of course bring our vacs though and about 5% of clients still request it. While we are always responsible for damage we cause to anything in your home, if we are using your vacuum please understand that vacuums have a shelf life and if your vac is an inferior brand and/or old and just stops working on us we would not feel that we should be liable for the the replacement value of that vacuum.

How May I Best Prepare For The Cleaning?

In order to maximize efficiencies, we suggest that you pick up toys, clothing and other items and make room for us to clean.
If a home has a lot of clutter and surfaces covered it becomes challenging to perform our best work.

How Do You Gain Access To Our Home?

Each customer has their own preference. Most provide us with a garage code.  Key or key combination code are also popular. Some leave their key in a safe hiding place but we do not recommend this. Some customers are home to let us in when we clean. This is up to you and we can work out a routine.